Ogliarola Bag in Tube
Ogliarola Bag in Tube
Ogliarola Bag in Tube

Ogliarola Bag in Tube

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Ogliarola Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives the palate a pleasant sensation of smoothness, apart from a velvety note, along with delicate bitter and spicy notes. A medium fruity oil which gives off a predominant fresh almond fragrance and subtle sensations of grass, leaf and artichoke.

With vivid colours and sought after design, the Bio Orto Bag in Tube Ogliarola is a convenient 3 litre packaging item designed to guarantee the perfect preservation of the oil under vacuum: this technique prevents air and light, two factors that directly affect the oxidation of the product, from coming in. With the Bag in Tube the ageing process of the oil is hugely slowed down, almost undone, thus ensuring an ideal shelf life.

Ingredients: 100% EVOO

Pairings: Ideal for first courses such as orecchiette, pasta and risottos and also perfect to prepare long cooking recipes such as ragù. Its medium fruity flavour makes it the protagonist of fried foods, soups and meat-based dishes, like roast white meats. Furthermore, it perfectly pairs with pasta made with vegetables.

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