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Bio Orto is passion for the land and its fruits, desire for the authentic flavours of organic farming, attention to pleasure and people’s well-being.
It is the natural symbiosis between industrial craftsmanship and a glocal positioning.
Our aim is to serve high quality products, which derive from an innovative tradition in harmony with the environment.


Thanks to its extreme versatility, it is a product which suits all tastes and it is ideal because it can be easily paired with different types of dishes.

Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Water

Cultivated on the slopes of the Gargano, the Bio Orto whole peeled tomatoes contains just 3 natural and organic ingredients - tomatoes, water and salt.

Organic Artichoke Hearts in Oil

The soft heart of the artichoke, rich in nutritional substances and mineral salts, mixed with the organic EVOO, produced by the company, gives birth to the Organic Artichoke Hearts.

Organic Broccoli Pesto with Anchovies

With a strong and genuine taste, this Bio Orto product is a real hymn to the tradition of the typical condiments of Puglia.

Organic Tomato Passata

Produced with Bio Orto tomatoes, the Organic Tomato Passata is an organic product whose high quality is ensured by just the two natural ingredients of which it is made, tomato and salt.

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Innovative tradition in harmony with the environment

Bio Orto comes from the intuition, the courage and the tenacity of the Passalacqua family that, still today, leads the company.

The authentic family dedication, along with the tradition and the impulse towards research and innovation, represent the distinctive features of Bio Orto, a brand which is nowadays synonymous with organic fruit and vegetables of excellent quality all over Europe and the world

Our commitment

It is to foster a new food culture, taking care of nature and people, with gratitude.

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