Nothing can tell our story better than our produce. Look at it. It is so healthy and nutritious, and full of life, just like our family.

BioOrto is the child we have raised, nurtured for years and seen reach maturity. We, the Passalacqua family, a family whose success is founded on willpower and hard work, a family who loves its work, are here to guide it into the world.

A United Family

The determined nature of the Passalacqua family can be traced back to its mountain origins, the life in the Abruzzi mountains the family’s grandparents, Giulia and Pietro,would leave behind until the middle of the last century, when they would travel to Tavoliere delle Puglie to practice the arduous but noble art of moving livestock from highland to lowland grazing grounds. The transition from nomadic farming to stationary agriculture was a natural one, but acquiring the fertile land that produces BioOrto vegetables and fruit, stretching as far as the eye can see, took sacrifice and hard work. The company was founded with established knowledge and with progressive ideas that only Nino was able to put into prospective, but which now his children, Giulia and her husband Mirko, Tiziano and Nino Jr., practice in their strategic roles. The family’s dedication is actually the reason for its adherence to tradition and, at the same time, its enthusiasm for research and innovation which has made BioOrto a brand that is synonymous throughout Europe for top-quality organic fruit and vegetables.

Growing vegetables is not easy, and organic farming on a large scale is a real undertaking. However, the abundance of perseverance and a willingness to work hard are characteristics that we have partly inherited from our Abruzzi mountains origins.

Giulia Passalacqua

Dad understood before everyone else that we would have to commit fully to growing our produce in harmony with the wonderful nature that life has bestowed upon us.

Tiziano Passalacqua

Our land, at the foot of the Gargano National Park, enjoys a special microclimate, plenty of aeration and, in particular, something vegetables need most of all, the mineral water that filters through the headland and, through natural drainage, enriches our soil.

Ideal conditions

The land acquired over time by the Passalacqua family enjoys climatic conditions that are absolutely ideal for the vegetables and fruit grown in our fields. The land at the foot of the Gargano National Park is well aerated and irrigated by mineral water, which trickles down the slopes of the Gargano mountain and enriches the soil without stagnating. The medium-textured soil is subjected to well-planned and not too demanding farming, with well spaced rotation that makes it suitable at all times for the production of quality vegetables and fruit in the required quantities. These special conditions have enabled the company to start large-scale vegetable production for the first time in the Daunian Apennines, achieved exclusively in the field, ensuring the availability of each product in its season, a characteristic that is one of the strengths of BioOrto produce.

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Biologico

All our vegetables and fruit are patiently sown and cultivated in soil that is well preserved with adequately spaced rotations. They are picked by hand and then freshly packed for the tables of those who appreciate produce cultivated with care and respect.

Nino Passalacqua

A very short production chain

BioOrto has mastered the art of promoting a simple country product and, using technology, bring it to all the markets. From planting to the final product, all stages of sowing, picking exclusively by hand, packaging and marketing are controlled by a company with a cottage industry approach but able to operate on a large scale. The transformation process of organic fruit and vegetables is aimed at Italian and European markets where the presence of seasonal produce is constant, thanks to treatments and conservation provided by Hydro and Vacuum Cooler and by a rapid cooling tunnel. The deliberate choice of organic agriculture has been reinforced over time by an extreme attention to cultivation, from the field to the table, of fresh produce and olive oil and tomatoes for preservation in jars. Current product certification and procedures, which enhance employees’ wellbeing, are a sign of BioOrto’s commitment, which is evaluated by continuous direct checks and by our customers.

Another characteristic that sets us apart from our competitors is the healthy habit to push our challenges a little further. We are committed to adding value to our products, increasing our processing capacity with the best available technology for the production of olive oil and tomatoes.

Mirko Conte

What motivates us in our daily work? The need to meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, quantity and continuity; the confidence of being able to work with our partners, whom we have always seen as part of our family, and in particular the desire to work together, now, as we did in the past, and as we will do increasingly in the future.